Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Ok - so copies of my new book have arrived, look amazing and smell even better!  Now I have to decide what to do with them.  Of course, getting rid of free copies is never a problem.  There is Amazing Anna, for instance, who read the whole book for me in its earlier and much longer form, believed in it & comforted me when I was ready to lie down in the middle of the East Lancs Road at rush hour, and read it all over again in its present form - she definitely deserves a copy.  As does Ian-next-door-but-one, who resolved my many computing crises, my son who also read it for me, the aforementioned librarian who will promote it on her Time to Read website, a colleague who is going to interview me in the Manchester Children's Book Festival etc etc.  See what I mean?
Obviously I will have to order more copies.  While ploughing on through points 1 - 10 of my world domination plan.
Current world domination rating 568411702 934970.
Somewhere behind Obama and Putin.
While waiting for me to clamber into the no.1 spot, you might like to check out www.myindependentbookshop/livimichael
This is a project developed by Penguin/Random House in which authors are invited to create their own virtual bookshop, put their favourite books in it and review them.  I thought this was a great idea - see what you think.

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