Saturday, 31 May 2014

Hello everyone.  Starting to blog again - mainly about my new book.  Because it's been a long time since I published in the adult field and everything has changed.  Specifically how books are publicised and distributed.  Looks like the author has to do more work.  So.  As some people will know, I have written many books.  This is not unusual in itself.  What is more unusual is that I actually seem to be less famous now than before I started writing. This is partly my own fault for opting out of everything in order to write Succession. When I wrote the first version of my novel and couldn't place it I developed  a 58-point plan for the regeneration of my career.  Subtitled: What to Do When You are Down and Out of the Publishing World in London.  Admittedly only points 11 and 12 actually worked i.e. writing it again and sending it to someone else - but I learned a lot in the process!  Now I have a new 58 point plan which I will publish as I work my way through it, with the intention of seeing just what, if anything is actually effective.
Watch this space...

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